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PassPort to Wine with Jason Elkin & Jason Ekin Uncorked!

Jason Elkin Uncorked!

Unravel the mysteries of the cult of wine! Join host, wine connoisseur, and Bacchus’s Bad Boy Jason Elkin as he travels the world to explore and partake in the pleasures of wine. Region by region, off the beaten path, this dynamic personality will expose you, the viewer, to lifestyle, local cultures, beautiful scenery, word on vine fun facts and tips, excursions and unique wines and cuisine. Jason covers it all, with a sly sense of humor and knowing insights. “Jason Elkin Uncorked” is a must-see experience for avid travelers, foodies, and wine-lovers of all levels.

Uncork the world of wine, food and adventure one region at a time with Jason Elkin as he explores the world of wine and wines of the world. Jason endeavors to bring local and international flavor to highly sophisticated and wildly adventurous palates alike – one smile, one step and one sip at a time. Jason Elkin uncorked and out of the bottle will inspire adventure and reveal much of the magic still to be found when travelling.

With wines’ growing popularity and varietal complexities, Jason will decant and bring out the unique characteristics of every bottle he samples and serve fresh takes on new cultures, their locales and favorite foods as well as what wine are suggestively best to pair, completing all epicurean experiences at every stop. Uncorked will reveal the world that surrounds wine and celebrate what he finds in his unique, honest and charming style. So sit back, pop the cork and enjoy.

"PassPort to Wine with Jason Elkin"

Jason Elkin shatters all of those traditional “wine” stereotypes; all while traveling the world highlighting the local cultures, beautiful settings, and remarkable wines, one region at a time. What a unique opportunity to look through Jason’s eyes as host of PassPort to Wine, In front of the camera and behind the scenes, Jason guides you as he makes memorable moments and partakes of all each region has to offer. When it comes to wine, food is never far behind, so get ready to enjoy the best of both worlds as Jason visits various wine regions, discovering off the beaten path experiences and locations with an unexpected way of wine education. PassPort to Wine with Jason Elkin is a feast for travel junkies, foodies, savvy connoisseurs, and casual wine-lovers alike!

Currently airing: "PassPort to Wine with Jason Elkin" Is being distributed by ConvergTV on the Venture channel featured on Roku, netTalkTV- with many more to follow

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Jason Elkin Uncorked Intro

Thursday, April 26, 2012

JTE Productions & Entertainment

High production videos are the most powerful and modern way to market and monetize. I am now fulfilling requests and producing TV commercials/webcasts for all affiliated merchants related to these industries used for email blasts, Facebook, web pages, QR codes for wine bottles, business cards and all ancillary products.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Karen MacNeil UnCorked!

On this day I sat in on a wine seminar and tasting with Karen MacNeil, author of the Wine Bible and debated characteristics, defining the 2007 Era as a pretty or masculine wine from Alpha Omega Winery. We also disputed the allowed title use of the terms “nose bouquet” and “smell” but in the end, no one really wins when it comes to wine for there is no right or wrong answers.

P.S. I do own a signed copy of the Wine Bible given to me by Karen for my Birthday a few years back.

Just another Day at the office

It’s kinda flattering when Laura Prepon A.K.A. Donna from That 70’s Show hunts you down by name in The Napa Valley to ask about my upcoming show…. She wanted taste some great wines, she also told me about a new pilot she just shot. Along with her was some of the cast from the TV Show GREEK on ABC Family Monday nights.

Las Vegas UnCorked!

View from my suite

Well it's 8:45 am, just touched down in Vegas & pulled up to my hotel, Mandalay Bay which as you can see is beautiful but had to pass on a RED-CARPET EVENT!!! I could and would have been sitting next to Simon Cowell and also a separate party at a salon with Kim Khardashean, both in L.A. but instead attend my mother-in-law’s wedding in Vegas!